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Blindwink Solutions Private Limited, a leading global, insight driven market research company, invites your participation to the India Achievers Awards, 2019.

Blindwink.in - The Market Research Company has the state-of-the-art facilities and over a decade of experience in handling research projects of every size and scale making it the preferred researcher for leading companies. Our Global presence spans across UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Emerging Markets where customers have come to rely on our high quality service, quick turnaround time, and our famous 'can-do' approach to the toughest assignments.

Blindwink.in is well equipped to meet any market research challenge. We have speciality art in all interview techniques, from a five minute telephone questionnaire to in-depth interviews. Our team of experts include market research specialist, analyst, moderators, consumer research specialist and business strategist..

India Achievers Awards, 2019, conceived and initiated by Blindwink.in is aimed at eulogising and felicitating excellence, reputation and exemplary work in the Different Sector. The sought after awards in the sector are proposed to be organised on January 19th, 2020 (Sunday) at Taj hotel in Bangalore.

The India Achievers Awards is expected to be covered by renowned print and electronic media houses. The event will find place on diverse platforms including several news sites and social network websites. Additionally, the awardees would be interviewed by various media personnel and the coverage of the award function would be uploaded on different social networking press release websites.